pop art polar bear wall art



Polar bear wall art

Are you a nature lover? A defender of the environment? Then we look alike. Recreate at home the world of wildlife with this painting on canvas ” Polar Bear “. The king of the North Pole’s ice.
The polar bear, also called polar bear, is one of the semi-aquatic carnivorous mammals native to the Arctic Ocean. It is even the largest land carnivore and is at the top of the food chain.

This psychedelic coloured polar bear, chosen by Atcanvas designers, has a layer of fat that insulates it from the cold. It provides ideal camouflage on ice floes and its black skin allows it to better retain its body heat. It has small ears, a fairly small, streamlined head and an elongated body, making it an excellent swimmer. Michael Phelps just has to behave himself!

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At Atcanvas we have chosen to do everything we can to protect the environment. We have a major responsibility to save mankind. Given the climate emergency, biodiversity protection must be at the centre of our decisions and everyone’s practices.

It is mainly because we at Atcanvas have decided to dedicate a collection to our animal friends, especially those in danger of extinction. And highlighting the world of Arctic life with our Polar Bear decorative paintings is one way of contributing to this.

These bears are among the animals most affected by climate change, as the soil literally melts under their paws. Although this polar bear looks cute, it is a fearsome predator that rarely fears humans, making it extremely dangerous. This king of the Arctic has no natural enemies.

Whether you’re a nature conservationist or not, you’re bound to find a high-quality, designer painting that will touch your heart. There is bound to be a contemporary painting that will move you, impress you, delight you. A whole universe awaits you, so open your peepers wide.

Atcanvas has made it possible for our artists to bring art closer to the environment by bringing these fantastic creatures into your living room, study or children’s room. Atcanvas photo paintings are a great way to express your feelings, rebellion, doubts and admiration or to bear witness to a life changing event.

The modern polar bear picture is part of a range of colourful versions to adapt the wall painting to your interior.

In order to guarantee you the highest definition canvas prints, our prints are made from top-of-the-range printers, with solvent-free, environmentally friendly inks, allowing us to offer you canvases on spruce wood frames of a unique quality.


📦 Delivery time : 

✔️ Fresh impression | Printed on site in our factory   

  • Painting canvas one part : 7 working days
  • Plexiglass / metal paintings : 7 working days
  • Canvas paintings 3 parts : 7 to 10 working days
  • Canvas paintings 5 parts : 7 to 10 working days





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Canvas painting

We have certified our professional canvas specifically for photo printing. This photo canvas was designed to print the most brilliant images.

✔️Certified HP latex inks
✔️FSC certified real wood frame.
✔️Handcrafted in our German factory

Acrylic print

We use a 12-color printer to get a rich combination of colors and sharpness. We delicately laminate on the transparent plastic glass

✔️Thickness: 3mm
✔️Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Laminated print Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Edge: Transparent with rounded corners


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pop art polar bear wall art



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