pop art colourful elephant canvas



Colourful elephant canvas

“The elephant is the beast that surpasses all others in intelligence and spirit”. Aristotle

The creator of this colourful elephant painting is a lover of elephants. For her and for many, it symbolises strength, longevity, and wisdom. In the African tradition, it helps to deal with traumatic memories and to renew family ties. As a keeper, it protects your family and guards against obstacles. If you find yourself in this majestic animal, now is the time to put it in the spotlight to remind you every day of what it symbolizes.

What strikes you in this painting is the quiet strength of this imposing mastodon. His gaze inspires confidence and robustness but also fear. His masterly ears are spread out, and they tell us that it is an African elephant. Its colossal trunk with 600 muscles is useful for everything. A real Swiss pachyderm knife.

The multicolored speckled effect transforms the background paint into a further decorative element. This elephant painting is perfect to enhance the appearance of a white wall or to give an impression of relief to a dark background. The frame is made of spruce wood and is shrink-proof.

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At Atcanvas we’re passionate about paintings, and there’s one thing we’ve been uncompromising about. Imagine the moment you receive your painting. Nothing is more disappointing, after waiting several days, sometimes weeks, than to see a canvas rolled up, folded, accompanied by various accessories, in place of the painting you saw on the site. At Atcanvas, everything has been thought of, from the raw materials to the product’s packaging. You will receive exactly what you have seen on our website. This is our promise. And instead of disappointment, it’s the ‘wow’ effect you’ll feel.

Then we solved the problem of waiting times. Indeed, nothing is more annoying, nothing more stressful than waiting day after day for your painting to arrive. Of course, there is no parcel tracking, and the after-sales service is for the absent subscribers. At Atcanvas we have chosen a powerful parcel tracking system to find out where your painting is in its journey at any time of the day. Also, as our suppliers are English and German, your painting will be dispatched within 48/72 hours of placing your order and will be delivered to you within 3-5 days throughout Europe.

We all like to feel at home in our house. This often involves decorating your home according to your tastes and personality. Decorating is an expensive and sometimes difficult process. But it is not necessary to change all your furniture to have a beautiful interior. Sometimes a simple painting can change everything. This is what Atcanvas is all about. To add that extra touch that will make your bedroom, living room, or office a place that reflects your taste and personality.

Finally, you will find the telephone number of our customer service department on our website. If you have any questions or hesitations, pick up the phone. You will always find someone who will answer your requests. If you prefer to write an e-mail address is at your disposal.


📦 Delivery time : 

✔️ Fresh impression | Printed on site in our factory   

  • Painting canvas one part : 7 working days
  • Plexiglass / metal paintings : 7 working days
  • Canvas paintings 3 parts : 7 to 10 working days
  • Canvas paintings 5 parts : 7 to 10 working days





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Canvas painting

We have certified our professional canvas specifically for photo printing. This photo canvas was designed to print the most brilliant images.

✔️Certified HP latex inks
✔️FSC certified real wood frame.
✔️Handcrafted in our German factory

Acrylic print

We use a 12-color printer to get a rich combination of colors and sharpness. We delicately laminate on the transparent plastic glass

✔️Thickness: 3mm
✔️Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Laminated print Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Edge: Transparent with rounded corners


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pop art colourful elephant canvas



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