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The new generations are great children. They love video games, touch-connected devices that beep-beep and of course the t-shirt with their favourite superhero, Batman, Superman, or Mario Bros. and we at Atcanvas love it! But today, geeks want to go further and discover original content, with innovative technologies. That’s what we at Atcanvas offer you. Our goal? To bring you new sensations and to make your eyes pop! Atcanvas enters the era of 3.0 entertainment and offers you original collections of geek artwork.

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The world of geek culture being very lucrative, derivative products have flooded the market with millions of copies under official (or not…) licence. Goodies, figurines, mugs, key rings, high-tech geek gifts and other gadgets more or less related to the world of the geek. Atcanvas has chosen to go in the opposite direction by offering innovative products, created with the little hand of the artist, and in small quantities. Discover these different geek universes, from the most classic to the most original, exceptional paintings that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Magnificent exclusive paintings to offer or to offer yourself in any occasion.

Atcanvas can be found in these geek universes, from fairy tales to zombies to the unusual. Discover our bright and stylish collection that is sure to appeal to this close-knit geek community. It likes to show its unity and belonging. Indeed the geek is a social being. Over time this community has become hype on social networks. It is a community of peers, who feel the need to share in forums, technology and knowledge. The geek can also be an expert with advanced knowledge in a field, or a creator of worlds as in video games. With innovation and technology as their DNA.

Superhero canvas

From Pac-Man to Dragon Ball to Chewbacca plush all these references have their passionate collectors. Atcanvas offers to change the world of geek deco objects by highlighting artists and designers, as well as new technologies in the elaboration of its unique paintings. These original geek gifts are not just for men. No, no, the “geekette” is in place… And they are numerous and very fond of small geek, kawaii, funko pop and other unicorn paintings. At Atcanvas we haven’t forgotten them!

Atcanvas wants to explore the world of retrogaming and offers you a collection of colourful paintings. Retrogaming is the world of vintage video games like Pac-Man, Tetris, Space Invaders. Nintendo which offers unusual accessories. Discover this 80’s atmosphere in a collection of unique and offbeat paintings that will delight any interior by giving it an assumed vintage touch. We decided to include in this category all our Star Wars paintings, which are an integral part of the geek universe.

Atcanvas has chosen to honour its geekeries: reproductions on canvas of totally useless and therefore indispensable objects such as its superhero figures or video games, Star Wars accessories… All these little objects that make us kiffer like children, you will find them in superb paintings and prints. We also highlight the “favourite” products that we discover and we regularly offer you new products from our artist designers.

Gamer wall art

The geek is sharp, and with Atcanvas lovers of high tech such as home automation, smartphones, camcorders, cameras, tablets, computers, speakers will enjoy a collection of fun and modern paintings.

At Atcanvas, ze geek online shop you can find the most unusual and creative geek artists from all over the world. The geek is a subject of experimentation for some artists working on large format photo printing and high definition.

You don’t know the geek universe but you want to find the right gift idea? With Atcanvas find a collector’s gift! We offer you the cream of the crop. Make an unusual, vintage or innovative geek purchase to make a nice surprise and hit the bull’s eye of your loved ones.

Whether you’re a geek, nerd, nolife or just an amateur, you’re sure to find a high quality painting that will touch your heart. There will necessarily be a manga, gamer, Pokémon or Darth Vader painting that will move you, impress you, delight you. Surely a science-fiction, pop culture or funko pop wall poster that will not leave you indifferent. Otherwise there are the special gamer printed canvases with aluminium or wooden frames, in short a whole world awaits you. Open your peepers wide!

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  • minnie mouse wall art - minnie mouse black and white - minnie mouse painting - mickey mouse canvas - minnie mouse art - mickey mouse canvas art - mickey painting - minnie mouse wall pictures - minnie mouse canvas wall art - mickey and minnie mouse pictures - mickey minnie street art -01

    mickey minnie street art canvas

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  • scrooge mcduck canvas - scrooge mcduck wall art - scrooge mcduck poster - pop art mcduck - street art mcduck-05

    pop art scrooge mcduck canvas

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  • canvas-super-mario- banksy super mario - super mario canvas art -super mario wall canvas - mario canvas wall art - super mario canvas wall art - super mario wall art canvas - mario bros canvas - 01

    pop art super mario canvas

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  • mickey minnie canvas wall art 01

    mickey mouse canvas

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  • freezer dragon ball wall art - freezer dragon ball canvas - freezer dragon ball posters - freezer dragon ball print canvas - freezer dragon ball decoration - geek decoration - freezer dbz pop art 04

    pop art freezer dragon ball

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  • batman canvas - batman canvas art - batman canvas painting - banksy batman - batman artwork canvas - batman canvas wall art - batman canvas prints - dark knight canvas - batman wall canvas - the dark knight canvas - batman wall art framed -01

    pop art batman canvas

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  • iron man canvas - iron man canvas painting - iron man canvas art - iron man canvas wall art - iron man painting canvas - canvas iron man - tony stark canvas - pop art superhero iron man wall art -04

    pop art iron man canvas

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  • deadpool wall art - deadpool canvas art - deadpool canvas wall art - deadpool canvas painting - deadpool wall decor - deadpool framed poster - pop art deadpool canvas-04

    pop art deadpool wall art

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  • super hero canvas - superhero canvas art - marvel superhero canvas art - superhero canvas painting - superhero canvas prints - superhero canvas wall art - superhero framed art - superhero framed pictures - superhero wall canvas - superhero framed prints - pop art superhero-01

    pop art super hero canvas

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  • skull artwork - skull wall decor - skull canvas art - skull art - skull wall art - skull posters - skull art prints - skull bedroom - pop art canvas - 04

    pop art skull canvas

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  • mewtwo canvas - mewtwo painting - mewtwo wall art - canvas pokemon - decoration mewtwo - deco pokemon - geek wall art - mewtwo pop art -04

    pop art mewtwo canvas

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  • canvas pikachu - pikachu canvas painting - pikachu canvas art - decoration geek - pokemon painting - pokemon canvas - decoration pokemon - pop art pikachu art -01

    pop art pikachu canvas

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  • mario wall art - mario canvas art - mario kart wall art - super mario wall canvas - mario bros wall art - mario canvas wall art - mario bros wall decor - geek canvas - pop art mario - street art mario -01

    pop art mario canvas

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  • canvas stormtrooper - stormtrooper wall art - stormtrooper canvas - stormtrooper canvas art - pop art stormtrooper-01

    pop art stormtrooper canvas

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