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Colourful paintings can be found in all aspects of interior decoration and are increasingly appreciated by both painting enthusiasts and painters. It is the “extra” touch to a beautiful interior decoration of your living room, your bedroom or your children’s bedroom.

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They can be found in all periods of history, in all styles and in all forms. From Kandinsky to Andy Warhol, via Picasso and Drouot. From the streets of Brooklyn to New York, to the Eiffel Tower, via the Museum of Modern Art in Venice. From modern painting and design with high-resolution digital printing, to old paintings by masters or painters with precious wood frames, from the Impressionist or Cubic periods. From contemporary art paintings, exhibited in art galleries… Figurative, abstract, geometric styles, painted with a brush but also with pencil, or even by hand directly on the canvas. These multicoloured paintings have marked Western history, left their mark and changed the course of things; thanks to their innovation, their controversy, their revolution or their magnificence.

Modern paintings for all tastes
A study comparing randomly selected human subjects on a world map, such as men, women, children and adults, laymen and architects and even monkeys, has shown that colours have an impact on the mood of human beings that can consciously or unconsciously provoke an emotional and mental response. Moreover, it is now widely demonstrated that this impact is the same regardless of gender, nationality or culture.

Colourful wall art

It doesn’t matter the colour, whether your wall painting is predominantly blue, yellow, orange, turquoise… as long as it has colour. Brown for example. Brown, a warm colour par excellence, is one of those tones that immediately create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere in a room. Purple, another example, is the colour of royalty, historically because it was a rare and expensive dye. This colour conveys values of serenity and spirituality and can be associated with prosperity and nobility. In all countries of the world the art of painting has changed the course of things. Artists have given life to canvases or paintings by reproducing what they saw at the time. Interior decorations are brought to life through printed canvas murals in the living room and in the children’s bedroom. While in the kitchen one could see large paintings in pastel shades and geometric shapes representing fruits, vegetables or flowers such as the famous handmade colourful “tulip” paintings with unequalled sensuality. You can also see radiant animal paintings, such as the elephant paintings, or the kakemonos dogs and cats. It should be noted that colours can be different from one culture to another and this is reflected in the art paintings. For example, in many cultures, especially in Africa, white is perceived as the original colour favoured by many painters. It is the colour of mother’s milk. In Europe too, white is a symbol of purity and virginity: the bride’s dress is white. In other countries, however, the colour white is the colour of death, for example in Oceania and Asia. The colours are different but the effects on men are the same. Even the youth can express themselves through street-art, reproductions of contemporary paintings, colourful frescoes and graffiti are exhibited today in the most beautiful galleries of New York and the world. Graffiti is, in other words, street art. They convey a spirit of freedom and are a form of rebellion against the established order. Street art works astonish by their artistic level and impress even the lovers of traditional painting. This diversity makes graffiti a perfect motif for the wallpaper in your room, for example. If you are looking for something original, which will set you apart from the rest and give your room an individual character, choose a wall decoration inspired by street art. The spirit of freedom will take over your interiors …

Large colourful wall art

Give your interiors an artistic touch with a modern and elegant design. Choose an abstract painting and create a space overflowing with positive emotions to share this joy with your loved ones. Thanks to its artistic side, it brings a modern, design and exceptional touch to a house’s interior. Abstract painting is an essential decoration of the moment.
a painting, a canvas for each place in the house
Colour is an international visual language understood by all.
From this point on, the understanding of different colours and the message they convey through a canvas is of the utmost importance in creating the atmosphere that supports the function of a space.

A classroom has a different function than a restaurant; and your living room is not an office space… So you can choose your colourful canvas according to the theme you are interested in, pop art painting, modern abstract painting, painting on canvas or silver painting to give just a few examples. The advice to remember is that you will have to play with colours and contrasts to obtain a result that meets your expectations. Indeed, the nuance of these various shades in the room will ensure a more charming effect for your living room. Whether for decorative frames or canvases to hang, remember to combine neutral colours with bright colours: purple and silver, turquoise and brown/chocolate. Don’t hesitate either to vary textures and reliefs such as stripes, non-woven, canvas on cotton or acrylic which is an excessively recent paint. Initially this polymer was used in building paint because of the high resistance it offers as a binder. Before that, painters used oil paint or watercolour. The impressionists, however, preferred to use oil paint even outdoors. The appearance of acrylic should be seen in parallel with the invention of photography. When we talk about paintings for the living room, we are certainly talking about decorative paintings, but also about murals, large triptych paintings… You will have to choose the canvases to install to offer an original decoration and a warm atmosphere to your room. You can therefore choose the painting according to the colours already used in the living room. The idea here is to harmonise the colours on the canvas with the colours of your house’s walls. Therefore, a landscape painting will be perfect for your living room as it will give the room an authentic decoration and a travel atmosphere.

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  • colourful horse canvas - pop art horse wall art - horse painting - horse pop art painting - 01

    colourful horse canvas

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  • sheep canvas - sheep wall art - sheep painting - pop art animals - color painting-01

    pop art sheep canvas

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  • funky cow canvas art - colourful cow painting - cow painting canvas - colorful cow painting - cow wall art - 01

    colourful cow painting

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  • peacock canvas - peacock wall art - peacock colourful wall art - peacock wall hanging - peacock wall decor - peacock art - peacock wall art canvas - animals-pop-art-01

    peacock wall art

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  • Deer painting - deer canvas - deer wall art - stag painting - stag canvas - pop art animals-01

    colourful stag painting

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  • snake canvas - snake wall art - snake painting - snake animals pop art-01

    pop art snake canvas

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  • cheetah wall art - colourful cheetah - cheetah canvas - cheetah painting-animals-pop-art-01

    pop art cheetah wall art

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  • colourful bear canvas-bear wall art - bear coloured painting - bear canvas pop art - poster bear - 01

    pop art bear wall art

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  • colourful tiger canvas-tiger canvas wall art - tiger color pop art painting - tiger painting - tiger wall art - tiger canvas - animals tiger -pop-art-05

    pop art tiger wall art

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  • Colourful gorilla canvas - COLOR GORILLA PAINTING - colored gorilla wall art - pop art gorilla canvas-05

    pop art gorilla painting

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  • Coloured elephant painting - Colourful elephant painting - Colourful elephant canvas - Colourful elephant wall art- elephant-colourful elephant canvaspop-art-01

    pop art colourful elephant canvas

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  • colourful lion canvas - lion canvas art - colorful lion painting - lion canvas - pop art lion - decoration lion pop art - 01

    pop art colourful lion painting

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  • woman butterfly canvas pop art - sexy woman butterfly wall art - woman sewy butterfly painting - pop-art-style-01

    pop art woman butterfly

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  • pop art woman sexy face - pop art woman canva - pop art face painting - pop art face woman wall art -01

    pop art woman face

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  • pop art sexy fashion girl canva - painting girl fashion - wall art fashion girl -02

    pop art fashion canvas

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  • woman pop art - canvas pop art woman - sexy face wall art pop art - girl pop art poster painting wall art -01

    pop art sexy girl face

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  • woman pop art canvas - wall art sexy woman pop art - woman pop art - girl pop art art canvas-01

    pop art girl sexy

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  • pop art girl sexy canvas wall art - sexy girl pop art painting - pop art woman sexy wall art - 01

    pop art girl naked art

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  • pop art girl angel - angel wings canvas - modern nude art - erotic wall art - sexy canvas art - erotic wall art - girl art pop art-01

    pop art girl angel

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  • pink tree canvas - pink tree wall art - pink tree painting-01

    pink tree canvas

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  • orange canvas art - tree canvas wall art - painting orange tree - wall art tree orange-01

    orange canvas art

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  • yellow tree wall art- painting yellow - pop art yellow - canvas tree wall art - painting yellow tree-01

    pop art yellow tree canvas

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  • ocean canvas art - large ocean wall art - ocean wave wall art - ocean metal wall art - ocean wall art-01

    pop art wave wall art

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  • mountain wall art - mountain wall decor - metal mountain wall art - mountain canvas painting-04

    pop art acrylic mountain painting

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  • tree of life wall art - tree of life art - tree of life painting - tree of life artwork-01

    pop art tree of life wall art

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  • green tree canvas - green tree wall art - green tree painting-01

    pop art green tree canvas

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  • blue tree canvas - blue tree wall art - blue tree canvas art - 01

    pop art blue tree wall art

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  • red tree canvas - red tree canvas wall art - red tree wall art - red tree painting -01

    pop art red tree canvas wall art

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  • waterfall art- waterfall painting - watercolor waterfall - waterfall wall art - water falls painting-01

    pop art waterfall wall art

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  • lavender and canvas - lavender canvas - lavender canvas wall art - 01

    pop art lavender canvas

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  • buddha canvas art - buddha canvas painting - buddha canvas wall art - buddha art canvas - 01

    pop art large Buddha canvas

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  • Mount Fuji wall art - Painting Mount Fuji - print - Mount fuji - poster-Mount fuji-01

    pop art Mount Fuji wall art

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  • paris canvas- paris wall decor- paris wall art-03

    pop art Paris wall art

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  • pop art Amsterdam canvas- amsterdam canvas wall art- Print amsterdam-01

    pop art Amsterdam canvas

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  • venice wall art- venice canvas- venice prints on canvas-01

    pop art Venice prints

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  • statue of liberty canvas wall art-01

    Canvas pop art statue of liberty

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  • hong kong wall art canvas hongkong-01

    Canvas pop art Hong Kong

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  • canvas bangkok decoration wall art bangkok-thailand-deco-wall-02

    Canvas pop art bangkok

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  • canvas newyork-04

    Canvas pop art New York

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  • Canvas pop art eifeel tower 02

    Canvas pop art Eiffel Tower

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