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Atcanvas is the latest modern pop art and street art shop on the market. If you want to add a touch of colour and freshness to your home and therefore your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover our exclusive collection.The animal theme is a great inspiration for our designers at Atcanvas. Each type of animal in a decorative painting reflects a personality that we have tried to capture in a printed canvas. You will therefore find on this page a design painting representing our friend the GIRAFFE from the giraffe family.

All we have to do is look at a giraffe to be immediately seduced. What grace! What a beautiful dress! What beautiful eyelashes! She is the symbol of feminine beauty. But she is also vulnerable and fragile.

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She is vulnerable and that’s why she doesn’t sleep much. Barely 2 hours a day. She stays awake and watches all day long. So the giraffe accepts her vulnerability, and it is precisely because she accepts it that she becomes … invulnerable.

In this, the giraffe is a beautiful symbol that invites us to accept our faults, our fragility, our weaknesses, whatever they may be. This is why Atcanvas has decided to make a decorative canvas out of it.

Feminine par excellence, the giraffe will turn its fragility into a loving force. This is its most beautiful magic. Embodying the beauty of Mother Nature, embodying love, that’s all the giraffe invites us to be!

This is the giraffe’s magic and medicine: Accepting our weakness in front of love and with humility to conquer our own heart finally. In other words: Dare to “be Oneself.” And what better than an artwork that we can hang on our walls to remind us, every day, of this fabulous thought. This is Atcanvas’ mission.

How can you not want to display this beautiful contemporary painting in your living room, it is the perfect interior decoration for you. The naughty and bright look of this colourful giraffe in pop art mode will brighten up your day in a single glance. It is a sumptuous world offered by this admirable ruminant mammal represented on a beautiful painting. A world where colours dominate.

In order to guarantee you the highest definition canvas prints, our prints are made from top-of-the-range printers, using solvent-free, environmentally friendly inks, allowing us to offer you canvases and paintings on spruce wood frames, of a unique quality.

Our creations shake up the rules and reinvent the decoration world by offering you pele mele, an original wall decoration of wallpaper, photo deco, modern canvas “art gallery” style that you will only find on our site. All our decorative objects are made from photo paper, decorative canvas, weaving, decorative frames and other high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime, without fading or colour loss.


📦 Delivery time : 

✔️ Fresh impression | Printed on site in our factory   

  • Painting canvas one part : 7 working days
  • Plexiglass / metal paintings : 7 working days
  • Canvas paintings 3 parts : 7 to 10 working days
  • Canvas paintings 5 parts : 7 to 10 working days





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Canvas painting

We have certified our professional canvas specifically for photo printing. This photo canvas was designed to print the most brilliant images.

✔️Certified HP latex inks
✔️FSC certified real wood frame.
✔️Handcrafted in our German factory

Acrylic print

We use a 12-color printer to get a rich combination of colors and sharpness. We delicately laminate on the transparent plastic glass

✔️Thickness: 3mm
✔️Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Laminated print Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Edge: Transparent with rounded corners


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Colorful giraffe painting



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