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Wall art Eiffel Tower

If you like emblematic cities and capitals, those full of history and culture then this category of artwork “city and travel” is for you. Indeed, Atcanvas has made a collection of paintings of the cities that we consider to be the most emblematic in the world. They will transport you and take you away from the banality of everyday life. Our paintings tell stories and adventures, they always have an inspiring sentence, a moral, a lesson to teach us something about life. They are memories, emotions that you will be able to display in your home proudly, and that will reflect your passion for these great cities and the journeys you have made or will make. And for our first step, we will start with the beginning, The Eiffel Tower: This contemporary painting is part of a wide range of modern paintings, on printed canvas and on aluminium, meticulously worked by hand, on a graphic palette, by the Atcanvas teams.

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When a foreigner is asked to name the French monument that most represents France, it is, of course, the Eiffel Tower that is cited first, far ahead of all the others. One might ask what is the Eiffel Tower the symbol of? On such a simple question the answer seems just as simple: Of Paris, or of France, it seems obvious!

In Paris, it is on the banks of the Seine that the Eiffel Tower stands, this famous metal tower built for the 1889 Universal Exhibition by the engineer Gustave Eiffel, which is located on Place du Champ de Mars in Paris.

But the symbolic charge of the monument goes beyond patriotic pride. “This “old lady,” as the French affectionately call her, also represents the triumph of modern, cosmopolitan, and secular society, technology (iron, lifts, electricity), but also frivolity, since it is mainly used for fun. Finally, let’s not forget the romance, with these lovers from all over the world, who have their pictures taken there…

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Then add a touch of the Eiffel Tower and the art of living to your living space with this contemporary visual from Atcanvas designers.

We have a wide range of decorative paintings to delight your wall decor. From large format, modern design paintings to printed canvases with a wide choice of abstract, zen or energising designs.

Both innovative and trendy, photos on canvas allow you to personalise and create a unique, glamorous, and zen atmosphere in your home, with a unique pop art touch.

So have a glass of wine and relax. Let your imagination fill you with that unique feeling at the sight of this magnificent contemporary painting.

Let us introduce you to these designers and new wave artists. Discover their works, discover their paths, their artistic approaches. You will become as many fans as we are, that’s for sure!


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✔️ Fresh impression | Printed on site in our factory   

  • Painting canvas one part : 7 working days
  • Plexiglass / metal paintings : 7 working days
  • Canvas paintings 3 parts : 7 to 10 working days
  • Canvas paintings 5 parts : 7 to 10 working days





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Canvas painting

We have certified our professional canvas specifically for photo printing. This photo canvas was designed to print the most brilliant images.

✔️Certified HP latex inks
✔️FSC certified real wood frame.
✔️Handcrafted in our German factory

Acrylic print

We use a 12-color printer to get a rich combination of colors and sharpness. We delicately laminate on the transparent plastic glass

✔️Thickness: 3mm
✔️Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Laminated print Material: Acrylic glass
✔️Edge: Transparent with rounded corners


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Canvas pop art Eiffel Tower



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