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Our large format Zen Buddha paintings for maximum relaxation :
Are you looking for an original and modern Buddha canvas painting to create a soothing atmosphere and a Zen atmosphere in one of the rooms of your accommodation? Then you’ve come to the right place! To discover our Zen & Buddha canvas collection, don’t hesitate to look at the section! You will probably find a model that will inspire you.

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In our online shop you will find a wide choice of modern and original paintings to decorate your home. Our Zen paintings represent calm, serenity, meditation… and much more. They will certainly find their place in your accommodation. Don’t worry! Those who like to see things big will also find the large-format painting that brings them together. If you have space, there is no reason to deprive yourself of a large decorative painting. It is a simple and quick wall decoration to put in place to give more charm to a living room or even a bedroom.

Zen wall art

Note that we also have paintings illustrating Lotus flowers, which are a divine symbol for Buddhism. This decorative canvas will find its place in your home and will undoubtedly give you a Zen spirit.
How to choose your painting Zen
The choice of a Zen painting is not something that is made unexpectedly. To make the right choice, it is essential to understand that the meaning of the painting depends on the position in which the Buddhist monks are represented. In a seated position, the statue illustrates enlightenment or meditation. This is what we call a “Zen attitude”, or a “Zenitude”. In the standing position, Buddha evokes courage and compassion for others. As for the reclining position, it simply means rest. The choice of the Buddha painting therefore depends on your desires! If ever you do not find the painting on canvas which will please you the most, know that we propose new models on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to come back and visit our online shop from time to time! You will undoubtedly end up finding the modern painting that will sublimate your room and give you a Zen decoration.

Why buy a Zen Buddha wall painting?

To bring a touch of relaxation indeed a canvas of bamboo or Buddhist monk can bring the relaxing side of your home. You can arrange our printed canvases everywhere in your house: bedroom, kitchen, dining room to perfect your interior decoration. Think about looking at our photo paintings of other categories such as: sea landscapes or tree of life or Mandalas … Our deco paintings are made with canvases that are printed on the surface As for the delivery, your Buddha painting will be delivered as soon as possible. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team will answer all your questions and provide you with all the necessary information. If you are looking for a decorative painting to sublimate your house, you are at the right place! Our paintings will undoubtedly inspire you! For kitchen, living room, living room… or bedroom, our abstract paintings will certainly give you a zen decoration and a unique Asian style…

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  • purple wall art - tree canvas purple - wall art purple - painting tree purple-01

    purple wall art

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  • pink tree canvas - pink tree wall art - pink tree painting-01

    pink tree canvas

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  • orange canvas art - tree canvas wall art - painting orange tree - wall art tree orange-01

    orange canvas art

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  • yellow tree wall art- painting yellow - pop art yellow - canvas tree wall art - painting yellow tree-01

    pop art yellow tree canvas

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  • ocean canvas art - large ocean wall art - ocean wave wall art - ocean metal wall art - ocean wall art-01

    pop art wave wall art

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  • mountain wall art - mountain wall decor - metal mountain wall art - mountain canvas painting-04

    pop art acrylic mountain painting

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  • tree of life wall art - tree of life art - tree of life painting - tree of life artwork-01

    pop art tree of life wall art

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  • green tree canvas - green tree wall art - green tree painting-01

    pop art green tree canvas

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  • blue tree canvas - blue tree wall art - blue tree canvas art - 01

    pop art blue tree wall art

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  • red tree canvas - red tree canvas wall art - red tree wall art - red tree painting -01

    pop art red tree canvas wall art

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  • waterfall art- waterfall painting - watercolor waterfall - waterfall wall art - water falls painting-01

    pop art waterfall wall art

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  • lavender and canvas - lavender canvas - lavender canvas wall art - 01

    pop art lavender canvas

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  • buddha canvas art - buddha canvas painting - buddha canvas wall art - buddha art canvas - 01

    pop art large Buddha canvas

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  • Mount Fuji wall art - Painting Mount Fuji - print - Mount fuji - poster-Mount fuji-01

    pop art Mount Fuji wall art

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