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Discover our animal paintings collection, sublimate your interior decoration with our large format vertical and horizontal paintings. Perfect for decorating your kitchen, living room, bedroom or even your toilets! Find all the wild or not wild animals such as: monkey, cat, dog, wolf, giraffe, sheep, fish, deer, elephant, lion, panda, parrot, tiger, horse, zebra, bear… Get your original and modern painting today.

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Animal paintings are incredibly popular…
Animals are incredibly popular. Whether it’s our pets or wildlife, we celebrate them like never before. Here you will find a selection of animal paintings that will fit perfectly in any interior. On social networks, we see the unusual adventures of our favourite cats and dogs every day. Posting a photo of the cat with feathers in its mouth is what one internet user did. It went viral. We can follow the meals live from the nests of rare birds. Why not honour the creatures you love on a permanent framed canvas with a beautiful painting from our collection to decorate your home.

Explore the horizons of the world by discovering the eccentricity and beauty of these gifts of nature through original paintings for a multicoloured interior decoration. But above all, take a leap into the tropical jungle or the local zoo and awaken the lion in you, by opting for animal frames, pop art paintings or a black on white photo. Discover our varied and fascinating collection of personalised photos where every animal is a perfect creation of mother nature. To meet the tastes of nature lovers, we have designed a collection of Animal Paintings by category . Each animal motif is here revisited by our designers and shaped on a contemporary canvas. This is photo art. The hand-painted paintings and Animal Canvas Prints by our designers, thanks to their characteristics, vary in style and colour, and will be a dominant decorative accent in any room. All wild animal enthusiasts will be happy to find them on wallpaper or on modern paintings that are bursting with energy!

In the collection you will find, among other motifs, reproductions on canvas of horses, cats, sloths, bears, zebras, elephants, parrots, giraffes, lions, tigers, deer, birds, cows, butterflies… Choose according to your tastes and preferences a modern print on canvas that will embellish your living room, dining room, bedroom or office. Opt for a modern large-format painting if you have a large living room. Otherwise, wall decoration stickers are ideal for smaller surfaces.

Animal art

From the wall decorations of our ancestors, who also drew an elephant, a buffalo or a butterfly, to the modern, high-resolution, digitally printed design painting, to the old master or painter’s paintings with precious wooden frames from the impressionist or cubic periods, animal paintings are an integral part of the history of art.

A large part of the painters have devoted in their printed canvas, in their modern paintings, in their design paintings a part of their works to animals of all kinds. There is even a genre called equine painting, describing the portrait of horses. Atcanvas carefully selects its suppliers, photographers and designers in order to provide quality products.

On our planet, for a wide range of products, animals have been around much longer than humans, so it is not surprising that the animal world has fascinated artists from a very early age. As the survival of mankind was linked to hunting, images of animals appeared in all primitive societies, whether in the form of frames, oil on canvas or reproduction on canvas.

Paintings of animals, a little art! :
From the brightly coloured feathers of a macaw parrot to the ferocious sneer of a leaping lioness, animals are wonderful creatures to see. Take home or offer a painting on canvas in a beautiful wooden frame, a high-definition design painting. You will leave with the beauty of mother nature through the linen canvases from our varied collection of animal prints Wall art. Whether you want to decorate an office or a children’s room, incorporating works of art is the easiest way to establish a theme. Choose some of our captivating designs to transform even a simple room into something remarkable, for a very affordable price.

From squirrels, owls and snakes to just a few examples, our collection of contemporary photographs and paintings include art reproductions of almost every animal. Various supports are available to help you change your wall decor on a regular basis. Anything is possible: figurative on the triptych, for example, a deer head, a mosaic in modern decor or even wall stickers. Animal art can include birds, exotic fish and well-known mammals, as well as mythical animals such as unicorns and reproductions on canvas of extinct animals such as dinosaurs. Animal art is fun while being depicted in its natural habitats. It is also fun in interior decorations with abstract backgrounds. Animals stimulate our imagination and sometimes leave us speechless. The appeal of animals in art has even extended to digital art in recent years with canvas, stickers or posters that you can customise for your baby’s room for example. There are also designer paintings printed on canvas.

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  • parrot canvas - parrot painting on canvas - macaw wall art - macaw painting canvas - parrot canvas wall art-05

    colourful parrot canvas

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  • hummingbird painting - hummingbird wall art - hummingbird artwork - hummingbird canvas art - 06

    colourful hummingbird wall art

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  • pink flamingo painting - pink flamingo wall art - pink flamingo artwork - paintings of pink flamingos - pink flamingo canvas art - large flamingo wall art -03

    pink flamingo wall art

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  • colourful lion painting - lion pop art wall art - lion canvas - lion decoration-pop art animas deco-04

    pop art lion wall art

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  • jaguar canvas - jaguar painting - jaguar wall art -01

    colourful jaguar painting

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  • colourful lion canvas - lion canvas - lion canvas art - lion canvas painting - pop art lion canvas-04

    pop art lion canvas

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  • white tiger wall art - white tiger painting - white tiger canvas - pop art animals canvas-02

    pop art white tiger wall art

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  • colourful butterfly canvas - butterfly canvas - butterfly canvas wall art - butterfly canvas art - butterfly wall art canvas - butterfly prints on canvas - animals pop art colourful canvas-01

    colourful butterfly wall art

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  • monkey wall art - monkey canvas art - dj monkey canvas - pop art animas canvas - 01

    pop art monkey canvas

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  • colourful parrot painting - parrot canvas pop art - parrot multicolor decoration - poster parrot - pop art-02

    pop art parrot wall art

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  • giraffe canvas art - giraffe wall art - abstract giraffe - colorful giraffe painting - pop art animals giraffe-02

    pop art giraffe wall art

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  • wolf canvas uk - wolf canvas art - coloured wolf canvas - wolf canvas paintings - pop art animals art-04

    pop art wolf wall art

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  • colouful butterfly canvas - butterfly canvas - butterfly canvas wall art - pop art animals art - 04

    pop art butterfly canvas

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  • colorful giraffe painting - giraffe canvas art - colorful giraffe - colourful animal art - giraffe canvas -01

    Colorful giraffe painting

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  • pop art cat canvas - cat wall art - coloured painting cat - cat canvas art - cat art prints - 05

    pop art cat canvas

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  • polar bear popart painting - polar bear art - polar bear painting - polar bears art -04

    pop art polar bear painting

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  • fox canvas - fox canvas art - fox canvas painting - fox wall art canvas - pop art animals -03

    colourful fox canvas

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  • eagle paintings on canvas - eagle canvas art - eagle canvas prints - colourful eagle canvas-04

    colourful eagle canvas

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  • polar bear canvas pop art - polar bear painting - polar bear wall art - decoration polar bear - pop art animals -04

    pop art polar bear wall art

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  • wolf wall art - wolf pop art painting - wolf canvas - pop art animals-01

    pop art wolf canvas

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  • canva horse - painting horse - wall art canva horse - painting horse - pop art animals-04

    canvas horse art

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  • colourful horse canvas - pop art horse wall art - horse painting - horse pop art painting - 01

    colourful horse canvas

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  • sheep canvas - sheep wall art - sheep painting - pop art animals - color painting-01

    pop art sheep canvas

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  • funky cow canvas art - colourful cow painting - cow painting canvas - colorful cow painting - cow wall art - 01

    colourful cow painting

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  • peacock canvas - peacock wall art - peacock colourful wall art - peacock wall hanging - peacock wall decor - peacock art - peacock wall art canvas - animals-pop-art-01

    peacock wall art

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  • Deer painting - deer canvas - deer wall art - stag painting - stag canvas - pop art animals-01

    colourful stag painting

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  • snake canvas - snake wall art - snake painting - snake animals pop art-01

    pop art snake canvas

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  • cheetah wall art - colourful cheetah - cheetah canvas - cheetah painting-animals-pop-art-01

    pop art cheetah wall art

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  • colourful bear canvas-bear wall art - bear coloured painting - bear canvas pop art - poster bear - 01

    pop art bear wall art

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  • colourful tiger canvas-tiger canvas wall art - tiger color pop art painting - tiger painting - tiger wall art - tiger canvas - animals tiger -pop-art-05

    pop art tiger wall art

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  • Colourful gorilla canvas - COLOR GORILLA PAINTING - colored gorilla wall art - pop art gorilla canvas-05

    pop art gorilla painting

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  • Coloured elephant painting - Colourful elephant painting - Colourful elephant canvas - Colourful elephant wall art- elephant-colourful elephant canvaspop-art-01

    pop art colourful elephant canvas

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  • colourful lion canvas - lion canvas art - colorful lion painting - lion canvas - pop art lion - decoration lion pop art - 01

    pop art colourful lion painting

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