AT canvas painting structures
  stretch your canvas
Stage 1 Roll out your canvas, put the frame on top of it, then cut it to size, remembering that the canvas has to fold over the outside edge of the stretchers. Be over-generous if anything as the canvas has to fold over the outside edge of the stretchers.
Stage 2 Cut and trim the excess when you've stretched your canvas.

The most important things to remember when attaching your canvas to the stretchers is to work from the middle outwards and in opposites.
Stage 3 So, starting in the centre on any side, staple the canvas to the back of the stretcher. Put in about three staples, approximately two inches apart. Practise will give you a feel for this.
Stage 4 Move to the opposite side, pull the canvas taught, and staple the middle in place. Repeat with the other two edges.

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