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preparing your photos

The information below is a guide to ensuring that you get the best canvas prints from your photos.



AT canvas advice for preparing photos for printing on canvas








colour management


To ensure that the colours of your canvas print are, bright , vibrant and true to your photos, all our printers and monitors are calibrated and colour managed.


We can make things very simple for you and utilise our skill and expertise to maximise the impact of your images. If you would like us to do this for you, check the relevant box on the when you upload your images to place your order.


If however you are confident and up-to-speed with colour management and the profiling of your equipment you can discuss any particulars, with our technicians today on 01603 757 888.




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choosing your crop


AT canvas will never crop your image unless you specifically request us to do so.


When deciding on the finish of your canvas it is important to consider whether any of the important subject matter will be lost around the side of your image. Go to canvas wrap for more information.


If you are unsure about cropping our team will be happy to suggest how you can optimse your images for your canvas print.



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file types and sizes


file types for printing on canvas

We can accept all major file types to print on canvas including TIFF, RAW, JPG, PSD and BMP. Below is a guide as to the files sizes one should expect across a range of file types, based upon a 5 Megapixel source image.


File Format File Size
Uncompressed TIFF 14.1MB
Uncompressed RAW 7.7MB
100% Quality JPEG 2.3MB



Our image upload facility accepts images up to 100MB in size. If your image is above 100MB, please contact us to arrange to send us a cd.



file sizes for printing on canvas

For best results when printing your images on canvas, please take note of the minimum file sizes required below. This is meant as a guide so if you are unsure about the file sizes of your images, contact us today and our technicians will be happy to assist you.


Size (mm) Size (inches) Approx. File Size
300 x 200 12 x 8 <1 MB
600 x 400 24 x 16 5MB - 10MB
900 x 600 34 x 24 10MB - 20MB
1200 x 800 47 x 32 >20 MB
1500 x 1000 59 x 39 > 30MB





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printing, media and manufacturing


We have taken the time to source the finest materials and pay keen attention to the details of your canvas prints. From using the whitest canvas and long lasting UV inks through to the fully expandable stretcher bars which we manufacture on-site in our own workshop, we ensure your canvas is print is of true, gallery quality.




We print on pure white, heavyweight, 100% cotton duck canvas. If you would like a sample swatch of printed canvas, click here to contact us. To increase the durability of your canvas, we also offer a heat-sealing service which also allows your canvas to be wiped down with a damp cloth and reduces scratching.


The UV inks we use in our printers are designed to last for 75 years. This ensures that your print remains bright and vibrant over time.


Your print is then stretched over bars manufactured on-site in our workshop. This enables us to offer a huge variety of sizes and depths of stretcher bars to suit your particular needs.



If you are planning an exhibition and you are unsure of how best to display your photos or images, contact us today on 01603 757 888 and we will be able to discuss which of our products or printing substrates is right for you.



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